The Survey of the Impact of globalization on the cost of capital of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange: Panel Data Approach

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Instructor, Payam Noor University, Iran

2 Ph.D, Payam Noor University, Iran

3 Instructor, Islamic Azad University , Baneh, Iran


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of globalization on the cost of capital accepted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE(. In this regard, the degree of trade openness as an index the globalization of trade and other control variables such as firm size, the ratio of fixed assets to total assets, instantaneous ratio and the ratio of debts to total of equity has been used for the accepted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange during 2005-2010. The results of using of panel data show that the globalization of trade has a negative effect on the cost of capital. Also, the instantaneous ratio of fixed assets to total assets, firm size and the ratio of total of debt to equity have a significant effect on the cost of capital. But by separation of firms in different industries, the effect is different. As depending on the volume of exports and imports of each company, the effects of globalization will have a different impact on firms.


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