Studies in Finance: A Review on Thesis and Dissertations (Part Five)


In this section the thesis and dissertations, done by
postgraduate students, in finance, are reviewed.
Hopefully it will prove to he useful to the students and
researchers. Here they are:
1 - The effects of capital structure (Leverage) on Beta
(companies accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange). By: Hassan
2- The effects of interest rate on financial variables. By: Majid
Noor- Mohammadi
3- The effects of the budget on the Iran National Investment.
By: Masood Bahayani
4- Review the average Industry ratio in the companies
accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange. By: Mohammad javad
5 - The effects of inflation on the stock prices of companies
accepted at the Tehran Stock Exchange. By: Ali- Reza
Bad-Kooba-ii- Hazaveh.