Earning Management & the Long-Run Market Performance of Initial Public Offerings: Evidences from Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)



In this research, we investigate the influence of profit management on the long-term performance of IPOs in Tehran Stock Exchange. The IPOs in 1378 to 1384 are used as our sample and their long-term return in a three-year period after the IPO are calculated. We start calculating the return from the first day after the month in which the financial statement of IPO is published. Discretionary Current Accruals (DCA) is designated as profit management index. The results of this research show the long-term performance of the companies which manipulate their income by using profit management methods, when IPO is going to be done, is weaker than those which show their real income. This shows capital market is not efficient in realizing the real quality of income and stockholders simply believe the income published by the companies. The results are the same as researches in other capital markets of the world.