Evaluation of Base Metals Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) Using EVA Model and its relation with Profit accounting criteria



Nowadays, in the competitive world of Economy, the most considerable issues for managers and Shareholders are: 1- Managers are after productivity growth with optimum Use of financial sources and 2- investors require long-term Return from their investment. This standpoint and motivation to increase productivity for managers is the direct consequence of the advent of a new generation of investors. Economic Value Added is good criterion for better investment and can guide managers to increase productivity. EVA can best substitute traditional profit indicators and used for managers evaluate. This study surveys the relation between Economic Value Added and accounting criteria (Earnings Per Share and Total Shareholders Return) in Base Metals Companies in the period of time between 2006 and 2008. Finally, Economic Value Added Companies is standardized to compare. The hypotheses are examined using Descriptive Statistics and Pearson Correlation coefficient analysis. The results of this study show that there is no meaningful relation between Economic Value Added and accounting indicators. Standardizing calculated Economic Value Added for companies under consideration denote that Kalsimin Co. and Khuzestan Steel Co. have the best and the Worst Performances respectively