Any organization that becomes larger would need more control today the basic problem in many bureaus is mainly absence the establishment method for logical operations. If it introduced a good indicator then it could lead to better forces and generally strategic goals for organizations or incitation methods and giving in to our impulses to encourage and ask responsibility from inactive and weary units. This paper, under the name of intends to access a method for banks appraisement with recognized various qualities and numeric indicators that work under multiple visions that are inspired from the BSC model by intelligible appraisement and with use of a new SBSC (sustainability balanced score card).
In this research we generally study about the thematic literature and the appraisement of intra and extra bank operations and we especially draw out the indicators of appraising bank branches and after that we design an intelligible operating model by using compensatory and non compensatory tactics MADM under 21 scenarios (17 compensatory and 4 non compensatory) in decuple branches of bushehrs Melat bank by using 137 numeric and non numeric indicators. It is necessary to say that in this research the following theories were accepted by study.