Author = Mohammadesmaeil Fadaeinejad
Feature Selection for the Prediction Model of the Tehran Stock Exchange Index by Dimensionality Reduction Techniques

Volume 24, Issue 4, 2023, Pages 577-601


Somayeh Mohebi; Mohamad Esmail Fadaeinejad; Mohamad Osoolian; Mohamad Reza Hamidizadeh

An Explanation Model of Regime Shifts in the Tehran Stock Exchange by Smooth Transfer Regression

Volume 24, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 81-103


Gholamhossein Assadi; Mohammadesmaeil Fadaeinejad; Hamid Faroughi

The Effect of Sokuk Issuance on Risk-adjusted Return and Stock Trading Value

Volume 20, Issue 4, 2018, Pages 427-444


Ali Salehabadi; Mohamad Esmail Fadaienejad; Ebrahim Joshan

Herd Behavioral in Tehran Stock Exchange Based on Market Microstructure (case study:Mokhaberat Company)

Volume 18, Issue 3, March 2016, Pages 519-540


Mojtaba Kobari; Mohammadesmaeel Fadaeinejad; Gholam hosein Asadi; Mohammadreza Hamidizadeh

Investigating the Psychology of Numbers and "Price Clustering" in Tehran Stock Exchange

Volume 13, Issue 31, September 2012, Pages 73-98

Mohammad- Esmaeel Fadaei-Nejad; Mohsen Sadeghi