Author = Rostami noroozabad, Mojtaba
What Factors Influence the Differential Behavior of Value and Growth Firms? Evidence from the Tehran Stock Exchange

Volume 21, Issue 4, 2019, Pages 517-544


Mojtaba Rostami Noroozabad; Abolhassan Jalilvand; Mirfeiz Fallahshams Layalestani; Ali Saeedi

Financial Globalization and Stock Return: Theory and Evidence from Time Series Data

Volume 18, Issue 4, March 2017, Pages 715-734


Saman Ghaderi; Mojtaba Rostami noroozabad

Estimation of value at risk of return in Tehran Stock Exchange using wavelet analysis

Volume 17, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 59-82


Mojtaba Rostami Noroozabad; Abdonaser Shojaei; Mohsen Khezri; Saman Rahmani Noorozabad